Thursday, April 24, 2014

90 Days of Amazing Beer!

When you haven't blogged in 3 months (I'm a slacker), but have continued to drink great beer - it's hard to figure out where to start! 

What I'll do, is highlight some of the best, boldest, most delicious brews that have hit my lips since January. Then, I promise to work on posting more frequently. I mean really, who calls themselves a "beer blogger" and posts once a quarter..

The Bruery Black Tuesday Imperial Stout
This bourbon barreled, roasty, silky masterpiece was my treat, for wrapping up an 18-month project. Pure decadence.

Modern Times Black House Stout
This was my first Modern Times, thanks to my Cali trading friend. Delicious, with full on fresh coffee flair! I really want more. Plus, their cans are so clean, and inviting..

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout 
So, I've had this a few times before, and it never gets old. It's massive on taste, and I do love canned beer. Plus, I love this shot, and I wanted to include it.

Nogne O Winter Ale
I picked up this Norweigan gem winter 2012, and cracked it in January. It was warm, smooth, and had big tones of toffee and molasses. This would be perfect to drink any cold evening.

Toppling Goliath PseudoSue
This is my new favorite Pale Ale. It's bursting of tropical fruit, especially mango - but not overpowering. It tasted fresh, and had great pine notes. A+!

Beer Events!!!

Sud Swap
(With a Bonus of BCBS on Tap!)
In March, Miami Beer Tour put on a spectacular craft beer bazaar at Gramps in Wynwood, along with Funky Buddha and the fabulous Craft Brewjas! I'm talking beer trading, a beer speaker panel, and local brewers such as M.I.A. Brewing and 2 Live Brews showcasing their goods for all to taste. Throw in some baked beer cookies from Let's Make Beer homebrew store, along with guest kegs such as: Saugatuck Brewing's Neapolitan Milk Stout - and you have yourself an amazing Saturday afternoon!

Could it get anymore fabulous? 
Wait for it... It did! Gramps had Bourbon County Brand Stout on tap! Talk about a sticky, sweet, coffee, big stouty bonus! Sud Swap will happen monthly, with the next one April 26th. You should really go. I'll see you there!

Stone Dinner!
It's rare that I go out on a "school night", but if you tell me Dr. Bill Sysak, Stone Craft Beer Ambassador, and master pairing expert of food, beer, wine, spirits and cigars will be up the street from my house, at a dinner hosted by my favorite brewery (STONE) at a local craft beer spot, guess what - I'm going. That I did. We had 4 courses, along with 4 special Stone beers. 

Course 1:
Stone Go To IPA, paired with a Jerked Pork Slider
Stone beers, bacon, AND mac & cheese! Three of my favorite things.
Course 2: Stone Smoked Porter, paired with Angry Mac & Cheese (Had a kick)
Course 3: Stone Saison, paired with Chicken and Goat Cheese wrapped in Bacon
Course 4: Vertical Epic 07.07.07, paired with.. who cares? We had Vertical Epic 07.07.07! 

Vertical Epic 07.07.07 is one of the best beers I've ever had. A seven year old Belgian Strong Ale, aged in red wine barrels. It was like taking hints of red wine, pine, cocoa and vanilla, and slowly, combining it with velvet. It was so smooth, like the ocean on a calm day, looking totally flat, but having plenty of carbonation. It was hands down, one of my best beers ever!