Saturday, October 18, 2014

Effective 10/19/14, I've Moved to

Hi! Effective, 10/19/14, I've moved over to my own site!

It's complete with a blog, video, milestones and more! 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oktoberfestin - South Florida Style...

"We don't need no, education.." was played 
I was thrilled to find a real Oktoberfest in South Florida! The German American Society of Greater Hollywood, is housed in a cute replica of a real German building, sitting in a random residential neighborhood, off of 69th Ave. and Pembroke Rd. My mom and I went, unsure what to expect. We thought we may have a German beer, then be on our way. Boy, were we wrong. We arrived soon after the doors opened, and almost closed the place down. I'll preface the details with me mentioning to my mom, I was going to blog about it. She shot me a look like, "Not all of it right?" Right. It was one of those nights where we checked our phones the next morning, piecing some of the night back together... 

I'm going back for more

As we were greeted with temporary membership cards by warm members in German attire, the smell of authentic German food wafted through the air. We made a beeline to the full service bar, and I purchased a German beer mug for $15, with refills for only $5 all night long. We both had the Hofbrau Oktoberfest. It's a Marzen style, Oktoberfest, with a 6.3% ABV. It's a beautiful straw color, malty and crisp. 

Beads were involved
A one man accordion band got people on the dance floor immediately. He played German songs, and even belted out Pink Floyd at one point! We watched German dancers perform, while we ate savory sausages, German potato salad, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. We happened to sit at the table with the star of a local car show. All I'll say, is there were pitchers of beer involved, and shots of J├Ąger brought over by the gracious, accommodating and friendly President of the Club. We all felt like family, the vibe was positive and welcoming; it was just a fun night, with people wanting to have fun! I met some new friends, including one who looked like Adam Levine. We ended up dancing to a bunch of stuff, not limited to: German songs, the Chicken Dance, and the Tootsie Roll.. So random, yet such a great time. 

Craft beer, no. However, Germany has been making beer a lot longer than we have, and it's good quality beer. With me being part German, and this in my backyard, going was a no brainer. They have two more: Saturday, 10/11/14 and Saturday, 10/25/14. I think it would be more fun with a large group. The more the merrier! Maybe I'll see you there.


While we're talking Oktoberfest, can we chat about Left Hand Brewing's Oktoberfest Marzen Lager? Wow, this is a good one. It tastes clean, fresh, and malty - coming in at 6.6%. There are bready undertones, slightly creamy and toasty. If you're an Oktoberfest beer fan, I'd recommend this one.