Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hi there. So I love craft beer. I enjoy writing, so as an alternative to wasting time with online dating sites, I present to you my crafty beer blog. I try so many beers, and check out so many places with good (and not so good beer), I am just overloaded with all kinds of random beer info, so why not share my journeys here in South Florida and help a fellow beer snob/dork/nerd out!

Holy Mackerel Honey Lime Summer Ale
OK, so my most recent trip to a cool ass beer spot, was to one of my favorite places: The Mack House in Davie. This is Holy Mackerel's Nano Brewery where they concoct some awesome brews in the back, and sell them up front. I tend to gravitate towards stouts, porters, and IPAs, but I do love to try anything new. Last night was no exception. I had the Honey Lime Summer Ale at 5.5% ABV. It's brewed with limes from local groves in Davie, and was refreshing and robust with just the right balance of lime and honey. So good!

If you go there, you should totally check out their homemade Tropical Salsa. It's always fresh with subtle cilantro flavor that is present, but not overbearing. Don't worry, they have some other "Bites with Beer" options such as: IPA Cheese Spread and Ale Glazed Meatballs made with their bomb Mack in Black brew.

Holy Mackerel OutKast American IPA, and their guest tap
local friend, Due South Brewing Scotch Ale.
Yes! Guest taps!
I must talk about the vibe. The vibe in that place is so chill, whether you're sitting on the couches like you're in your living room, or at the bar reminiscent of 'Cheers', where they know your name when you walk in! The cool blend of reggae and chill out music is always playing softly in the background, but ya better believe if a game is on - you can catch it there. I lived in Key West for 12 years, and this place takes me back to one of those small town chill out spots that I would find back on the island. Comfortable, good beer and a great vibe. Check it out if you can, but seriously, don't tell too many people! It's one of those "best kept secrets" us beer nerds want to keep close.  

The Mack House was such a comforting safe haven last night after a not so fabulous first date. The actual date 'logistics' were awesome!! We went to go see Impractical Jokers live at the Hard Rock, including a meet and greet with the four from the show. The show was hilarious! My meet and greet with the online dude was not so enjoyable; within 5 minutes of meeting / greeting him - he was complaining about how much he hates his job, and wants another one, blah, blah, blah. He was nice, but, his type of 'nice' equates to me not feeling the 'chemistry', and keeping it moving. Anyways, a silver lining to that cloud was finding out that Murphy's Law at the Hard Rock has Green Flash IPA on draft. Score!

Just hangin with Q and Murr from Impractical Jokers.
It's how I roll. 

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