Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pumpkin and Fall Beer Review - Florida Style!

Since I'm in Florida, my autumn equates to humid, hot and leave-less days. That doesn't mean I don't celebrate the season. I'm a sucka for a theme, especially anything fall related... Whether it's candles, decor, or beer - I want it! So, I made a trip to my Total Wine and selected some random pumpkin and fall brews to get in the spirit, all in the name of research (and my personal enjoyment). With football in the background, I began the tough job of reviewing.

 My rankings, in a very particular order:

5. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale (PA)
Very dissapointed in this one. It was syrupy, way too sweet and thick. It felt like dessert, but a dessert that should be in cake or pie form. There was a flowery/perfume taste which I did not like. If you took maple syrup, some carbonation and a bouquet of flowers, you'd have this. Not a fan.

4. Summit Brewing Oktoberfest Marzen Style (Minnesota)

Not as bad as #6, but it was way too sweet for my taste. It was immensely syrupy, sweet as hard candy, and had a fake aftertaste. Sorry Summit.

3. Smuttynose Brewing Pumpkin Ale (New Hampshire)
This one was good. In one word: bountiful. It was piney, spicy and highly carbonated. I couldn't pick out individual spice notes, but more of an overall big, spicy blend. Thumbs up.

2. Abita Fall Fest Octoberfest Style Lager (Louisiana)
If I was someone that had to rake leaves outside, I would like to have one of these waiting for me afterwards. It was light, yet bursting with full flavor! It reminded me of a crisp, golden Pilsner. It has a large mouth feel, and was very refreshing. A+

1. Anderson Valley Fall Hornin' (Cali)
Oh yeah, I like this one. I want some more. This was in a can. I love beer in cans. To me, it's fresher. This was the clear winner. It was smooth, sharp with no overpowering taste of alcohol. It was a pretty amber hue, with notes of cloves and cinnamon. There was a very savory pumpkin presence, however, it wasn't super sweet. The taste was natural, and no artifical-ness. Clear winner of the afternoon!!

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