Sunday, July 14, 2013

Randall Action, Creme Brulee and Some w00tstout...

Imagine this: do a random Facebook check before leaving work, and notice that 595 Tap and Tavern is doing a 'Randall the Enamel Animal' event with Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale, infused with bourbon soaked wood chips and German cone hops. My quiet evening of groceries and heading home, was quickly detoured to sample this goodness. It was delicious. I'm a total sucker for bourbon barrel beers, so anything bourbon-related will get me every time!

Friday, I had the privilege of sharing a bottle of Southern Tier Creme Brulee with a friend. It was my first time tasting it. I am a huge stout girl; this one was like luxury and silk in my glass. I'm not a huge dessert person, but in a beer - I'll take it. This is a great dessert beer. I can say that I now have one in reserve in the beer fridge. 

So. My biggest beer related excitement of the week was finding Stone's new collaboration beer: Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout. Cool name. Cool story. It's a collaboration between Stone co-founder, Greg Koch, founder Drew Curtis, and actor/home brewer Wil Wheaton. It's an imperial stout brewed with pecans, wheat and rye, with a portion aged in bourbon barrels. Now, I have never, ever, ever had a Stone brew I didn't like. This is no exception. As it warmed up, the pecans were more present, and it reminded me slightly of Stone's Imperial Russian Stout, but on a different level. Good stuff! Any beer that doesn't get out out on shelves, and you have to go and ask for it behind the counter, has got to be good. This did not disappoint, and had a 13% ABV to boot. W00t w00t! 

        Oh, yes. Keep bringing it Stone. 

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