Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bottle Share / Bake Offs, and Beer Academy Graduation - A Week of Inaugural Stuff!

Warm RuinTen IPA Cheese Dip... Silky Southern Tier Choklat Cake... Chilled bombers and growlers... Hot chics preparing it all…

Is this a dream? No! It’s the inaugural Craft Brewjas Bottle Share / Bake Off!

Some bad ass Craft Brewjas
On a rainy afternoon, Craft Brewjas drove from near and far, to bake, cook, eat, share and drink beer. Juicy convo was involved. One lucky dude made it in. 

The Menu:
-RuinTen IPA Cheese Dip, with Homemade Taragon Sour Loaves
-IPA Braised Sausage with Lager Sauerkraut
-Baked Beer Mac & Cheese
-Ghostface Killah Stuffed Peppers
-Cigar City Maduro Brown Sugar Cookies
-Southern Tier Choklat Cake 

Pair all that deliciousness with these brews: Bruery 4 Calling Birds, Weyerbacher Riserva, Lips of Faith Heavenly Feijoa, Sweetwater Dank Tank, Idle Hands D'aison, Asheville Brewer's Association Hoppy Saison by Green Man, Peg's Cantina / Cycle Brewing Rare Dos (YES!!), 7th Sun Brewing Graffiti Orange, a bomb ass growler from Rapp Brewing, Ironfire Six Killer Stout, and a growler of Broken Flan from our local friends, 4th Age Brewing. 

This my friends, is how us Craft Brewjas roll. After all, we are wicked women who get crafty with our beer! Plans are in the works for the next soiree. All I can say is that it involves costumes, pumpkins, and beer... Want to see what we're up to before then? Check out the Facebook, Instagram, Untappd and Twitter pages! @CraftBrewjas 

If you're a Facebook fan, you can find the recipes on the page. Just sayin. 

Beer swag!

In other inaugural news this week, I graduated from Riverside Market’s Beer Academy! It was six evenings of learning and sipping, with meeting great friends along the way. Our last class featured a presentation on ESBs from the owner of Kingshead Pub (Sunrise - who also brought us English chips and free drink tokens), Barleywines and Sours presented by the host with the most, Julian from Riverside Market, and our old homebrewing (Invasive Species) friend from last week, Josh Levitt. We sampled: Goose Island Honkers Ale, St. Somewhere Lectio and Full Sail Barleywine. Side note - my personal favorite Barleywine is Stone's Old Guardian. Totally not sampled, but I thought I'd throw that in.

Our final exam consisted of a blind tasting. Cue the Shiner Bock Lager, Southern Tier Porter and the Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Ale. Our final class concluded with the presentation of the diplomas, and some beer swag! Beer Academy was an awesome experience. I will miss it, but know that I am now a wiser beer nerd because of it.

Wiser beer nerd.

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