Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Week of Funky Buddha, Milestones, and the Beer That Went With It!

Best engraved glass ever. I'm biased.
The idea of seeing my name on a glass was all I needed, to join Funky Buddha's Snifter Club last year. Throw in an extra 2 oz pour each time, extended happy hour, and a t-shirt and I'm in! Fast forward a year later. Time to renew, or pick up my glass. Since I don't make it in that often (not by choice), and don't live too close (5 more years to the east side beach condo), I grudgingly picked up my glass to enjoy at home... However, I can't go in there and just "pick up a glass". That's dumb. I had to at least enjoy one more draft Buddha brew out of it, before shoving it in my purse for the trek back west..

My brew of choice was: Chocolate Covered Cherry Porter. Yes.. I just said that. Yes.. it was silky. Yes.. there was luxurious chocolate with balanced tart cherries involved... The bitter malt meshes perfectly with the authentic taste of cocoa. This weighs in at 6.3% ABV, and is one of my favorites I've had from Funky Buddha.

Cheers to my niece that will be spoiled, then given back

I had a big reason to celebrate last week. I'm an Auntie! To celebrate this grand occasion, I reached into my cellar, pulling out the last 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout I had. This has been aging for about 8 months now, and tasted incredible. It was smoother than November, and as it warmed up, I picked up dark fruits, molasses and heavy toffee. I dare say vanilla too. This 14.5% ABV beer, never ceases to amaze me. Fresh, poured from the bottle in November, on tap at random spots, and aged for 8 months: it's always a decadent treat. 

Another reason to "celebrate", (or cry) last week, was my daughter getting her Learner's Permit. 

Not sure what's scarier: my younger brother having a child, or my child legally able to drive. It's a toss up. Either way, I know that Bison Brew Organic Chocolate Stout will never leave me wondering. It's always smooth, and I just discovered their site has recipes, and cooking recommendations, such as utilizing it as a meat tenderizer. Be looking for THAT entry soon. Bison Brew says, it's "Like Barry White's voice in a bottle". At 5.0% ABV, with an earthy, dark chocolate and espresso foundation - I can't get enough of this one...

I was on a roll with the rose..

Recent honorable mention for beautiful label artwork goes to Saint Somewhere (Tarpon Springs, FL).

Drain pour mention also goes to Saint Somewhere, for their Pays du Soleil Dubbel Belgian Style Ale.  I immediately noticed the cork slipping up on it's own, once I removed the wire. Red flag #1. Red flag #2, was picking up on medicinal flavors, and honestly, the kind that felt I may be sick if I drank it. So, I drain poured this marvelously labeled bomber. 

Perhaps, my palate is used to other styles, but that's the beauty of craft beer: there's something for everyone. Cheers!

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