Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Suburbia Adventures

Thank you Bokampers
First things first. Bokampers in Miramar, has got it going on. They have Goose Island Matilda on tap, bottles of Goose Island Sofie, and Green Flash Hop Head Red! These gems were pleasant surprises, one relaxing Friday happy hour. 

This work happy hour, started out with "everyone going", but ended up to be myself, and six men. All of the girls bailed. What's a girl to do? I glossed up, savored my brews, and enjoyed the eye candy. I also dropped some beer knowledge to the bucket drinkers (after curious stares). After a friend of mine tasted Matilda, he was like "Wow - that's pretty good. I've never had a beer like that!" Exactly. Great job on upping the craft beer selection Bokampers. On behalf of West Broward beer nerds, thank you!

Sam Adams Summer Ale

While we're talking about West Broward, Texas Roadhouse Grill just opened in the same shopping center as Bokampers. They don't have a large craft beer selection, however their spontaneous staff line dancing, fluffy brown sugar butter rolls, and juicy BBQ compensate for only having Sam Adams Summer Ale to select from. 

Peep the Harpoon in my beer fridge

Do you know who else has it going on? Total Wine does. All day, every day. I love that I can go make random six packs, check a discount wall, then the new release wall, ask for the "special beer" that just came out from the behind the counter, and attend tastings. A recent tasting featured: Harpoon Brewery which was awesome, not only because their beers are yummy, but I got to see my girl Lauren, of former Tap 42 fame, who is now reppin Harpoon. 

Archived shot of the best brunch

While we're talking about the two - did you know that beginning July 19th, Tap 42's brunch will debut $15 bottomless Harpoon UFO drafts? Yes, for real! We're talking UFO White, Rasberry Hefeweizen and Big SqueezeBig Squeeze Shandy is like a mimosa and a beer had a baby. This is a perfect brunch selection. I'll see you there. 

At Total Wine, I picked up Tangerine Dreamsicle Cream IPA, a collaboration brew between Terrapin (GA), and Green Flash (CA). It was crisp, with piney citrus notes, hints of a creamsicle, all with solid malt undertones. Interesting, and surprisingly complex. I wasn't expecting it could be pulled off - but I buy anything Green Flash, and was delighted by this blend. I would love to drink it again. 

This is true love...

I also picked up a favorite staple of mine: Stone Imperial Russian Stout. This is silky, roasty, and dark, with flavors of coffee and decadence. It's a great sipping beer. 

See you at Beer Camp!

One of the biggest things happening in the beer world lately, is Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp. A case of 12 uniquely styled beers, each collaborated with a different brewery across the country. Because I've been sick, I have yet to crack this treasure chest of brews, but will be reviewing all 12 soon! Off to Beer Camp I go!

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